Tugush OU invites new participants to our Affiliate Program, which enables third parties from all over the world to earn a part of users’ commissions, when these clients make transactions at www.tugush.com passing through special links provided to our partners.

In order to become our affiliate please follow these instructions: www.affiliate.tugush.com

Our Advantages:
1. HIGH RATE = 2%

Payout to all our affiliates is 2% flat rate from the volume of exchanged fiat by all your referrals. Example, if your referred customer buys Bitcoin for $10 000, you will receive $200.

2. FIXED RATE = 2%

We do not reduce this 2% amount for any reason: even if you have only 1 referral, or your referral makes just a minimum-size transaction, or you have rare exchanges – all that does not matter you will always get exactly 2% payout.


Every affiliate gets a link from Tugush OU that is used to refer customers to our website. Our company tracks all activities of referred customers using best-in-class software and provides remuneration for all exchanges made by them.

In real life, occasionally, your referrals could make a transaction from another device or using a different browser typing our URL directly. We recognize our Affiliate Program’s participant right to be remunerated in this case too with the same 2% rate. If you provide us details of such transaction (in some cases you might know them), such as name and surname as well as other data that we ask for, we will find this client in our transactions’ history and include this transaction for calculation of your payout and you will be remunerated.