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Tugush Blockchain Capital is the global financial platform that offers a number of blockchain-related services. From Blockchain advisory to OTC deals and crypto asset management – our team of experts will help you to navigate in the world of crypto, ensuring that your business activities are rewarding and justified.

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Multicurrency Wallet

Tugush Blockchain Capital presents a new cryptocurrency wallet that is built specifically to simplify the users' trading experience. Our developers have designed it keeping in mind the desire of our clients to access the world's leading cryptocurrencies in one place. The result is a user-friendly wallet that makes buying, selling, and saving crypto easy and safe.

Digital Assets Advisory

Tugush Blockchain Capital offers Investment Advisory services that are able to adapt to users' needs, plans, and dreams. Combining our broad expertise in the rapidly developing crypto-industry and the new technologies and tools for investing, we make trading cryptocurrencies more simple and profitable.

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OTC Deals

Tugush Blockchain Capital introduces OTC (over-the-counter) trading services that allow our clients to perform high-volume trades without going through the public order books. Thus, users are able to make the deals directly with the counterparty without worrying about constantly changing prices and security of the operation.

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Blockchain Consulting

Tugush Blockchain Capital's advisory services are based on years of our company's extensive expertise in the crypto-industry. We offer our clients a comprehensive and integrated service for creating and running sustainable and successful ICOs that will help your business grow. From marketing campaigns to audit – we can help with every step of initial coin offering.

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