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  • Why even take sizable fiat money loans with a large cryptocurrency account?

    It’s simple: companies and private investors with sizable cryptocurrency assets require traditional fiat money to cover their operating costs. When the value of your cryptocurrency is constantly climbing up and selling them off would incur lost profits, more often than not you have no option but to take fiat money loans at high interest with your assets as collateral, hoping that future long-term profits will cover all resulting expenses.

  • What is the supply-and-demand principle?

    The supply and demand of a cryptocurrency exchange is determined by a list of current buy and sell limit orders for a set amount of cryptocurrency at a specified price. These orders are matched together using the matching engine of the exchange. Monitoring supply and demand at the exchange is an easy to way to analyze the current situation of the cryptocurrency market.

  • What are your available rates?

    USDT-Bitcoin and USDT-Etherium. Fiat currencies will be added soon and the list of available pairs will be increased.

  • What are your guarantees?

    All borrowers provide a collateral for the loans they take, and its value is monitored in real-time using the supply-and-demand principle to guarantee the safety of the deal. If the value of the crypto asset plunges below a set threshold, it will trigger an automatic sale order to guarantee the full security of your investments.