USD Investment
From 10% yield
and guaranteed collateral


  • From 10% annual profit
  • 150% secured
  • Term from 1 month
  • From 100 USD and higher

Investments Without Risks!

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Individuals and companies, having sizable crypto-assets, often temporarily require fiat money to cover their current needs.

Choosing between exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat money or just keeping it as it grows faster owners are better off holding their cryptocurrencies. That is why they prefer to borrow fiat money using their cryptocurrency as collateral.

Tugush makes it possible to preserve your investments without any risk whatsever.

Your investments generate interest through secured loans, and the value of the assets provided as the collateral is monitored in real-time: a market plunge will trigger an automated sale order, which guarantees the security of your investment and the expected profit.

It's profitable

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    From 10% annual profit in USD
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    User friendly interface to save your time
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    Platform with an open offer system

Safe & Secure

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    Guaranteed security of your interests
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    Market volatility protection: Loan volume exceeds collateral value by 50% to generate safe buffer
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    The platform's functionality allows you to choose the best conditions for you

What if ...

... the collateral loses value?
  • You will get your money’s value back, no matter what

  • If the value of the collateral plunges below a set threshold, it will trigger an automated sell order to prevent the losses

  • When that happens, the investor gets the investment back as well as the expected profit – and the loan is considered paid off

... the borrower fails to repay the loan?
  • Same as above: the collateral is automatically sold, enabling investor first, to get his investment back and second, to receive expected from a deal profit, and the loan is also considered to be paid-off